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Choosing the right healthcare professional can be difficult. It's not easy to find professionals who are caring, knowledgeable AND communicative. Dr. Fred Mayer and the Avon Integrative Health Center team of professionals are committed to offering the best possible healthcare to meet the individual needs of their clients. They work together to provide care for those individuals who are looking to obtain symptomatic relief from their health disorder, maintain their current state of health, or achieve optimal health and a better quality of life. They keep abreast of innovations in their respective fields and strive for "best practice” in their approach to healthcare. And, they will spend time with you, to educate you about their approach and to discuss the health benefits of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine.

For more information about the Avon Integrative Health Center or to schedule an appointment, please contact us or call (732) 988-8596 today! We welcome referrals, so we invite you to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones. 

Dr. Frederick G. Mayer, Chiropractic Physician

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  • Dr.
    Frederick Mayer
    Chiropractic Physician, (DBA) AVON CHIROPRACTIC CENTER, LLC

    Dr Mayer obtains a comprehensive history, conducts a detailed examination and analyzes laboratory test results to better understand his patient's health status. He utilizes his knowledge of neurology, biomechanics, ergonomics and nutrition to help identify the causes of his patient's health disorders and develop individualized healthcare plans.

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  • Margaret Mary Cunniff (Molly), LCSW, LCADC
    Psychotherapist, (DBA) CENTER PSYCHOTHERAPY

    Molly is an individual and family psychotherapist with long experience in social service, mental health and addiction recovery settings. She is skilled and comfortable working with clients coping with stress, mood, trauma and substance abuse disorders. She has also developed expertise assisting adolescents and young adults struggling with transitional life crises, which often involve serious psychiatric or substance abuse issues. 

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